• The pursuit for higher target and continuous breakthroughs
    Post time: Oct-28-2020

    Along the way, looking back at the wind and rain we have experienced and the thorns we have traversed, these hardships tell us that only by constantly improving our own level and constantly strengthening, then we can win in the fierce market competition. This order’s partner is a trader from Sha...Čtěte více »

  • Work together with customers to meet new market needs
    Post time: Oct-27-2020

    In the history of Xinyue, hundreds of customers have grown together with us all the way. We have the honor to participate in various projects of many customers, to develop together with customers, to contribute our own strength to build the world together. Among our clients, there are many regula...Čtěte více »

  • With professional and service, to retain customers
    Post time: Oct-26-2020

    Start from scratch, from 0 to 1 is often the most difficult thing. our customer is a Myanmar building material supplier, has been engaged in the field of architectural coatings. Based on the local market demand, they are ready to start the import of galvanized rectangular tubes. At first, the cus...Čtěte více »

  • Settle the world with talent, conquer the world with ability.
    Post time: Oct-22-2020

    It is very important to adapt to the changing market and meet the demands of different customers in the increasingly fierce market competition. Friends who are familiar with us know that thin-walled seamless pipe is one of our dominant products, Xinyue can produce thin-walled seamless steel pipe ...Čtěte více »

  • From the customer’s point of view, to serve customers
    Post time: Oct-20-2020

    What customers want is what we want. In recent years, relying on its professional and high-quality service, Xinyue has delivered numerous batches of high-quality pipelines and accessories to the world, and has established a unique brand reputation in the fields of port construction, urban infrast...Čtěte více »

  • You just ride the waves and I’ll escort you
    Post time: Oct-19-2020

    Considering the concerns of customers and solving their worries,Xinyue always serves every customer with the attitude of honesty and customer-first. At the end of August 2020, Xinyue once again received an order from Singapore’s regular customers to purchase hot-dip galvanized scaffold st...Čtěte více »

  • Be hard on yourself and responsible to your customers
    Post time: Oct-16-2020

    Win the market with honesty and build brand with quality. It can be seen that the quality of products for an enterprise’s importance, strict quality inspection department is the top priority. The Middle East regular customer who accompany us to grow up must have the deepest experience. From...Čtěte více »

  • Serving Customers Wholeheartedly
    Post time: Oct-15-2020

    Pipe fittings are to piping systems what bridges are to road systems, It plays an important connecting role. There are many kinds of pipe fittings, with more than ten or hundreds in models and sizes, You can imagine the complexity of orders. Xinyue team not only has professional technical level, ...Čtěte více »

  • Strict quality control is the fundamental to win the trust of customers
    Post time: Oct-14-2020

    The so-called fragrance is not afraid of deep alley, because the quality is excellent. Excellent product quality is an important factor for us to maintain steady progress in the current global steel market. At the beginning of 2020, we received order for hot-dip galvanized steel pipes for infrast...Čtěte více »