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Dedicated Service to Win New Customers in Madagascar

The customer described this time is a large-scale local construction materials trader in Madagascar. It has imported from China for more than 10 years and has a very stable supplier. At the beginning of May this year, the customer contacted Xinyue for the first time. After communication, the two sides had a preliminary understanding of each other. Then, the customer repeatedly asked the sales specialist to provide a trial quotation through various steel products. The sales specialist patiently completed every requirement of the customer, and the sincere service was recognized by the customer. In mid of May, the customer officially sent an inquiry to Xinyue, The products were conventional galvanized pipes and seamless pipes. There were three reasons for customers to expand new suppliers: 1. Regularly develop new suppliers; 2. There are many specifications involved in the ordered products; 3. Urgent tasks and tight delivery time. Those were three main reasons why the original suppliers can not meet the order requirements.

According to the customer’s demand, Xinyue quickly determined the current inventory can meet 80% of the order products, the remaining product could also be completed in a short time, which greatly shortens the delivery time and could be delivered within the customer’s expected time. Therefore, the sales specialist formulated the delivery schedule overnight. In addition, we introduced export situation in recent two years and shared project of Xinyue. It relieved customers’ concerns about initial cooperation and strengthened the customers’ cooperation intention.

In May, raw materials and sea freight rose sharply in the market. Relying on many years of industry experience, Xinyue formulated plans and solutions in advance to effectively respond to the rise of the market, saving a lot of cost for customers. Finally, the whole order was smoothly promoted and received the customer’s letter of credit in early July. At present, all products have been shipped smoothly.

There is no shortcut to the success of the import and export foreign trade industry, which changes rapidly all the time. Only by adhering to and doing simple things carefully, we will certainly leave a deep impression on customers. Xinyue has stood in the industry for nearly 30 years. It is with this word of “heart” that the company has developed and expanded to its current scale. At present, the company has nearly 100 employees, and various welfare policies protect the rights and interests of employees, so that employees can work at ease. Xinyue’s products are distributed in more than 100 countries and regions around the world currently. While receiving orders, Xinyue still keeps its original heart in mind and reassures every customer cooperating with high-quality products and excellent technology.