• Xinyue Supported Our Client Won a Foundation Pile Project
    Post time: Dec-05-2019

    At the beginning of November, Xinyue received an enquiry about LSAW piling pipe EN10210 DN500 / DN750 total 370MT for Residential Foundation Pile Project from our Singapore regular customer. The customer needed our best support to help them win this local foundation pile project by best competiti...Lue lisää »

  • 2019 BIG5 With Perfect Ending
    Post time: Dec-05-2019

    As a leader of Tianjin’s steel foreign trade industry, Xinyue Steel Group has sent delegations to participate in overseas exhibitions, which showed Chinese steel products to overseas friends. At the same time, Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group, as a steel company that has been long term committed ...Lue lisää »

  • Xinyue Participated In The Forum of China – Africa
    Post time: Dec-05-2019

    The Forum of China – Africa Capacity of Production Cooperation is held in Tianjin by bank of China Tianjin branch on November 14, 2019. Hundreds of China – Africa enterprise take part in communicating related to China – Africa Capacity Cooperation, Investment and Financing. Unde...Lue lisää »

  • The Order of Scaffolding Pipe Shipped to Japan Successfully
    Post time: Dec-05-2019

    In August 2019, Xinyue received the demand for a new scaffolding pipe from an regular Japanese customer. In the first time, Xinyue gives the best price to the customer. The customer proposes to buy two containers to import together, and hopes that Xinyue gives the best packing plan and installs a...Lue lisää »

  • Stainless Pipe Order from New French Client
    Post time: Dec-05-2019

    At the beginning of June, we received  a stainless pipe inquiries from a french customer’ on the Ali platform. He would like to purchase products for their own projects. Therefore the quality requirements are high. But the customers themselves are not very familiar with the products, so at ...Lue lisää »

  • The Pipe for Bus Station Construction has Completed Successfully
    Post time: Nov-07-2019

    In September 2019, Xinyue received a purchase order from the regular customer about the construction of the bus station. The customer required different specifications of the rectangular tube, and needed to do external anti-corrosion and end-end perforation processing, based on the previous coope...Lue lisää »

  • High Quality GI Scaffolding Wins Praise from Australian Client
    Post time: Nov-07-2019

    At the beginning of September, Xinyue received the purchase demand for galvanized pipes and couplers from our regular Australian customers. It took only three days from receipting the inquiry,details communication to the customer’s order placement! Start from the first cooperation with us ...Lue lisää »

  • Trust is the Reward of High-quality Products & Services
    Post time: Nov-07-2019

    In August last year, Tianjin Xinyue analyzed and compiled all technical data files of African water projects with our customer. And we Xinyue Steel Group had provided  a very competitive price and delivery time for customer. Due to the readjust of the project, the specifications and quantity of t...Lue lisää »

  • Nigerian Order Shipped Successfully
    Post time: Oct-29-2019

    In July 2019, Tianjin Xinyue Industry and Trade Group received an inquiry from Nigeria, due to the first cooperation with Xinyue, the customer needs seamless tube Sch40, 4 sizes totally more than 200 tons as trail order. We will reply to customers as soon as receiving their inquiry. Due to the 7-...Lue lisää »