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Galvanized Square Pipe Set Sail for Australia

In March 2021, Xinyue received an inquiry from a new customer. After communication and understanding, the customer was an Australian racing track manufacturer. The product required was galvanized rectangular pipe with the specification of 65mm * 65mm * 3mm * 6000mm, which was used for a local racing track project. Although galvanized rectangular tube was one of the advantage product of Xinyue, it had been successfully sold to all over the world for many times. However, due to the tight construction period of the project, the delivery date given by the customer was also very short, and it was clear that the next negotiation can be carried out only after satisfying this prerequisite. We understood the customer’s demand, and promised the customer that our company had a professional steel base, so that we can fully met the customer’s delivery demand. Our sales engineer submitted the supply plan to the customer on the same day, dispelling the customer’s doubts about the delivery date.

Since the customer was the first time to cooperate with our company, the business specialist believed that the customer must understood Xinyue, only understanding can be recognized, and only recognition can be selected. Therefore, we hold video conferences with the customer for many times to tell the customer about the development history and corporate vision of Xinyue in an all-round, multi angles and in-depth manner. In addition, Xinyue was not stranger to the Australian market. We had many years of supply experience. After the business specialist showed the customers various large-scale projects in Australia in the past, the customer was convinced of our supply capacity. After nearly half a year of communication and technical guidance, the customer successfully signed a contract with our company in August this year.

At present, the goods have been shipped smoothly. The customer said that a batch of seamless pipe orders will start negotiations with our company in October. After this pleasant cooperation, customers is also looking forward to the next cooperation with us.