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Hundreds Of Tons SSAW Support For Project In New Zealand

On May of 2021, we received new orders from New Zealand customers. This was the second time for New Zealand customers to cooperate with Xinyue. Before the regular project meeting, the business specialist had a detailed communication with the customer and learned that the ordered products were used for local piling projects. The overall product required about hundreds of tons, and the dimensions and specifications were complex, contained more than 20 kinds of size and length range from 3 meters to 8.6 meters. In addition, the pipe ends of this batch of order products needed to be specially processed.

Gather all the information of the order, the project team held a regular project meeting to refine the work principles of each department according to the needs of the project. The technology department drew technical drawings according to the cutting and welding needs of customers. Xinyue followed the original intention, took the needs of customers as the starting point, and did everything with heart. Finally, the steel structure welding scheme was highly praised by customers.

The purchasing department quickly integrates industry information, allocated and purchased the highest quality raw materials, and transports the raw materials to the production workshop at first time, so as to win more time for the production cycle.

The production department shall mobilize the most skilled workshop personnel according to the scheme drawings confirmed by the customer, hold a production meeting, repeatedly confirm the drawing process, and ensure that the production standards meet the drawing requirements.

After completing the cutting and welding of the first spiral steel pipe, the sales department provided customers with photography, video and live broadcasting, so that customers can intuitively participate in the production process. After confirming that the production quality reaches customer satisfaction, we will strictly follow the standards of this sample for the cutting and welding of all other products.

In the later stage of finished product inspection, the quality inspection department had carried out preliminary inspection and re-inspection on the size, wall thickness, cutting and welding process of the ordered products to ensure that each product meets the requirements of customers and has no quality problems.

Due to the different lengths of ordered products, the logistics department sorted out the length and quantity of all steel pipes, and made scientific and reasonable arrangements for the packing link in combination with the length of containers. This played an important role. Finally, there was one container less than the original plan, saving customers a lot of freight. At present, all the goods have been shipped smoothly and are expected to arrive in New Zealand by the end of this month.

Xinyue’s achievements over the years are inseparable from the full cooperation of all departments of the company, the unremitting efforts of every Xinyue person, and the correct guidelines of Xinyue’s management. It can be seen from an order that this is only an epitome of Xinyue’s intention to treat customers. Counting the development process of Xinyue in recent 30 years, success is not accidental, It’s a collection of little by little.