• Deeply Cultivate The Market, Win By Professionalism.
    Post time: Mar-01-2021

    As the global market becoming more and more extensive and professional, normal product will not satisfy all the need of customers. Therefore, higher requirement product processing and customized product are essential. In addition, one-stop service can be realized by this situation and fulfill dif...Lesa meira »

  • Xinyue Steel, The Choice Of Trust.
    Post time: Feb-26-2021

    Xinyue Steel Group not only keeps the advantages of our main products, but also develops new product categories continuously. This is the main reason why Xinyue Steel Group can develop steady over those years. What’s more, we pay much attention to satisfy all the requirements from customers...Lesa meira »

  • Sincerity Supports Cooperation Worldwide
    Post time: Feb-24-2021

    Xinyue Steel Group has been in the steel industry for decades, holding the banner of the enterprise mission-integrity with love, cooperation with dedication, innovation with aspiration. In the world, Xinyue steel has established a professional and efficient enterprise image, won more and more tru...Lesa meira »

  • Actively enterprising and seek development, concentrate on writing new chapters
    Post time: Feb-22-2021

    Nowadays, during the rapid change development, invariable and complacent enterprises will be eliminated. Only by innovating, learning new skills and improving strengths, enterprises can adapt to the rapid changes in the market. The development of Xinyue is just like this. In the past decades, we ...Lesa meira »

  • Normalized High Quality, Habitual Excellent Service
    Post time: Feb-03-2021

    Since the foundation of Tianjin Xinyue, we have taken “To promote steel industry, To represent Made-in-China ” as our mission. Xinyue always insists on controlling high-quality production, considers customers as oriented, and deals with any problem for customers. This is the reason wh...Lesa meira »

  • Serve with heart,Creation of value
    Post time: Jan-29-2021

    If you want to gain, you need to pay first, and need a certain of luck as well. However, the luck is not inherent. It bases on a long-term accumulation of dedicating to customers. The client will be mentioned today is one of Xinyue’s friends. He had changed from only caring about the price ...Lesa meira »

  • Variety of products, Consistent service
    Post time: Jan-27-2021

    After several years of operation, Xinyue group gets trust and reputations from our customers in the whole industry, because of our professional skill, outstanding products and an awareness of always considering customers first. Simultaneously, we keep forging ahead, expanding new areas and gainin...Lesa meira »

  • Treat each other sincerely, win-win cooperation
    Post time: Jan-25-2021

    In order to keep stable development and respond to the changing of customers’ requirements, we not only need to maintain a good relationship with old customers, but we also continue to develop new customers. What we can feel from the process of every new customer from knowing, trusting to affirmi...Lesa meira »

  • Professionalism Wins Trust.
    Post time: Jan-22-2021

    Looking back on 2020, the development and infrastructure around the world had not been suspended understanding the condition of global epidemic. At that time, it is particularly important to be able to respond, to provide professional and efficient services. This order comes from a Vietnam’...Lesa meira »