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Large Diameter Thick Wall Seamless Help India’s Construction

Xinyue group combines steel pipe production, storage, domestic and international treading together, including the processing fields of steel pipe galvanizing, corrosion prevention and heat preservation. Each production base has introduced advanced production equipment and technology at home and abroad. The trading company of the group has established a high-quality professional team with rigorous professional spirit. After years of overseas development, various steel pipes exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

Xinyue recently shipped a batch of seamless pipes with special outer diameter 870 mm and wall thickness 70 mm, ST52 steel grade straight out seamless pipe. Under the interference of the Indian epidemic, based on the trust of long-term cooperation and the recognition of technology, the customer chose Xinyue as supplier at that special period. This batch of thick wall seamless pipes were used in local mold production, and the tolerance requirements of outer diameter and inner diameter were extremely strict. The needs of customers beyond the tolerance range of the current industry standards, but we seriously treated and set up a special production group. After many times of technical deliberation and analyzed its feasibility. Finally, we determined the final production plan.

After two months of production and quality control, this batch of steel pipes was completed in May and successfully shipped in June. The spirit of dauntless, aggressive, valiant belongs to Xinyue people. All high-quality products are created with ingenuity through countless technological innovations under seemingly impossible circumstances.