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Low Temperature Seamless Pipe Contribute To Dutch Project

On March of 2021, Xinyue received inquiry reply from Dutch customers. The customer chose to cooperate with us, also confirmed the purchase date and quantity. The product was two size of ASTM A335 P5 seamless steel pipe, the quantity was decrease from 36 pcs to 8 pcs compared with initial inquiry. Due to the small quantity and tight producing schedule, it was hard to accept this order. However, Xinyue accepted without any hesitation in order to appreciate trust and support from regular customers. Depend on many years of producing and resource integration experience, procurement department took actions immediately, overcame all difficulties. Finally, we provided all the products required by customers on time.

No matter the order is big or small, Xinyue always considers the service as the first step, combines current market situation, provides quotation and produce schedule to customers. After confirming all the details, customer signed the contract with us and arranged advance payment. After formal receipted of the order contract, everything went smoothly under our plan, but government adjusted the national tax policy when we were confirming the shipping date with customers. We informed the news to customer in first time. Under the good and friendly cooperation, we had communicated in detail. After the customer knew related policy, he accept the price change based on previous good cooperation and paid the balance before delivery. Now, the goods with Xinyue’s hope and wish was on the way to Netherlands. Looking forward to the next cooperation with customers and wish the customer a thriving business.

Xinyue treats orders equally regardless of the size. We welcomes new customers and cherish regular customers who trust Xinyue all the time. There is no differential treatment. The value of customers is not how much he order, but the maintenance of long-term cooperative relationship. Treat each other sincerely and subvert the traditional idea of “no business without fraud”, when communicating with customers. No matter big customers or small customers, Xinyue will be full of a grateful heart and thank customers for believing in Xinyue and choosing Xinyue!