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Nearly 100 Tons Of Steel Tubes Set Sail For The Netherlands

The regular Dutch customer frequently placed orders recently. After the second order, they once again issued another order to Xinyue in just two weeks. The product of this order was seamless pipes and welded pipes nearly 100 tons, with different sizes from 8 ” to 24 ”.

Due to the demand of the terminal project, the product required by the customer this time focuses on the wall thickness tolerance, which must be controlled at 2-3%. The sales engineer reported this important information to the company’s project team and informed all team members at the regular project meeting. The quality inspection department strictly controlled the product quality, strengthens the inspection of the wall thickness tolerance, and inspected the pipes one by one, ensured the wall thickness tolerance of each pipe was within the range required by the customer. In addition, the project team sent inspectors to conduct secondary re-inspection to ensure the accuracy of the value in the form of sampling inspection.

In addition, according to the terminal requirements of the project, the products of this order needed to be divided into four parts. In order to ensure the customer could quickly and clearly identify these four parts of products when received the goods, Xinyue puts forward an implementation scheme of one order and four contracts to the customer. These four contracts were labeled with four different colors respectively, and each product was marked according to the color corresponding to its contract. This undoubtedly increased workload, and also increased the operation difficulty of export declaration and delivery difficulty. No matter how many difficulties we were facing, we adhered to “customer demand is our pursuit”. No matter the demand was large or small, Xinyue will adhere to the principle of attentive service. Before packing, we formulated detailed packing details and sent this document to the customer, so that the customer could confirm and pick up the goods accurately and quickly. The customer highly praised Xinyue’s considerate and thoughtful service, and said that Xinyue has always been his trusted partner!

At present, the goods have been shipped smoothly and have traveled across the sea to the Netherlands. It is expected that the goods will arrive at the port of destination in the middle of this month. We are looking forward to our next cooperation with this regular Dutch customer. Like the operation of this order, Xinyue always takes every order seriously and treats every customer with heart. “Treat each other with sincerity and intersect with heart” is the basis for our stable and continuous cooperation with customers.