• Strengthen Ourselves to Face More Challenge.
    Post time: Jul-26-2021

    In the beginning of 2021, we received an inquiry from a regular customer about a Canadian project, which requires 280 tons of LSAW for the government tunnel project in the country. Specifications are 762mm * 15.9 mm and 610mm * 15.9mm, standard is Canadian CSA- G40.21 350 AT, and the factory is r...Read more »

  • Xinyue And The World Make Progress Together.
    Post time: Jul-23-2021

    In the middle of July, Xinyue successfully shipped a number of seamless pipes and large diameter welded pipes to regular customers in Southeast Asia. It has been four years since the first cooperation in 2017. We have established a deep friendship and partnership with this regular customer. Durin...Read more »

  • Diversified Development of Xinyue Steel Group
    Post time: Jul-22-2021

    In addition to the vigorous development of foreign trade business, the processing business module of Xinyue group is also developing steadily, including galvanized processing module and thermal insulation processing module. At the beginning of 2021, Xinyue’s leadership invested in the new ...Read more »

  • Group Tour of Xinyue.
    Post time: Jul-20-2021

    Entering July 2021 We have the birthday of the party The people of the whole country celebrated It also came as Xinyue completes its first half of the year We have made great achievements Over-fulfilled the semi-annual operation target To celebrate this wonderful day Then…… Two compan...Read more »

  • Additional Orders for Steel Structure Projects in Latin America.
    Post time: Jul-16-2021

    Since the end of last century, Xinyue group has been focused on the iron and steel industry for decades, gradually opening up multi-channel external publicity to boost products. Every year, Xinyue will participate in about 500 different type projects all over the world and support lots of trading...Read more »

  • Indonesian Customer Reordered Again
    Post time: Jul-15-2021

    Today, the epidemic was effectively controlled in China, then the economic development has been recovered and grew smoothly. In 2021, under the guidance of national policies, all kinds of industries back to normal gradually , and the overall economy tends to recover. In the half of this year, Xin...Read more »

  • One More New Customer from Australia
    Post time: Jul-12-2021

    In June 2021, Xinyue successfully shipped a batch of high-quality pipeline to a new Australian customer. The acquaintance with this customer began in early 2020, then we kept in touch with this customer regularly, including communicated the promotion of new projects, the sharing of market prices,...Read more »

  • The 101st Handshake
    Post time: Jul-08-2021

    Looking back on the development process of Xinyue, there are sweat, anxiety and moving, but more feeling is the achievement of being trusted. In July, Xinyue once again signed a fastener contract with Russian regular customers. In the early stage, the contract specified the payment method and pay...Read more »

  • The Pipeline from Xinyue Support Latin American Project.
    Post time: Jul-05-2021

    In May of 2021, Xinyue successfully shipped a batch of high-quality pipelines and fittings to Latin America. The pipelines were mainly used for fluid transportation. Due to the importance of the project, the terminal project party had formulated strict acceptance standards. In order to ensure the...Read more »

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