African Hydropower Projects Get Perfect Feedback From Customers

In August 2018, Xinyue Changsha Branch received the enquiry of a  hydro-power project for Africa customers. The enquiry consisted of two parts, the pipe and the pipe fitting. The technical documents of the coating were numerous and the requirements were very complicated. After nearly two months of detailed confirmation, Which is in October 2018, Xinyue finally provided the customer with a perfect solution.

After receiving the plan, Africa customers expressed their satisfaction with Xinyue’s ability to solve the problem. On the next day, we were asked us to prepare the PI. After a week of waiting, we received the customer’s deposit. In the middle of November, all the goods were finished, and the coating of pipes and fittings took a lot of effort. Under the protection of the layers of cardboard, the goods went out smoothly.

In May of 2019, Xinyue received feedback from customers: the pipes and fittings have been put into use smoothly, and everything is perfect. Thanks again for the service and support of Xinyue!

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Post time: May-27-2019