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Come And Visit Us! Xinyue Family In Hunan Branch


We believe that Hunanese is talented and Hunan Province is prosperous. We have always been seeking the higher quality and better service, here we are, learning in Changsha.

The blessed land of the south of the Yangtze River, beautiful landscape, outstanding people, Changsha, the ancient city with over a thousand years of civilization, here we are, believing in Changsha.

The archway stone workshop, Hunan cuisine, you name it. Just likethe attitude of every Xinyue Family towards our work and life,passionate and affectionate, here we are, eating in Changsha.

I stop the carriage, sitting on the pavilion, enjoying the maple wood in the evening. Themaple leaves are redder than Spring ’s flowers. Beatiful Xiaoxiang, here we are, perfecting in Changsha.

The hometown of great men, the holy land of revolution, Xinyue’s attitude and determination to build the world, serve the world, and here we are, making changes in Changsha.

Come and visit us in Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group Hunan Branch!

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