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High Precision Seamless Steel Pipes Promote Indian Industry


Back to the summer of 2015, Xinyue was lucky to meet an Indian customer at the Dubai exhibition. So far, we have close cooperated for 6 years. The main ordered products are seamless steel pipes. Customers have particularly high requirements for the precision of steel pipes, with outer diameter tolerance + / – 0.0075, wall thickness tolerance + / – 5% and flatness tolerance 1mm / m. In addition, the materials must be killed steel and fully deoxidized to ensure that the steel pipes are free from any pores, slag inclusions and cracks after processing.

As we all know, Xinyue is always following the principle of “strict quality control” for many years and has been catched the market trend of steel industry. Details determine success or failure. How did Xinyue do it? This topic can actually be talked about through an order. In the first half of this year, the customer ordered a batch of seamless steel pipes. The quality inspection department went to factory for inspection, we found that the outer diameter and inner diameter of one of the seamless pipe products were too large by 0.5mm. After receiving the feedback from the quality inspection department, the company immediately organized the production department and technical department to hold a meeting, immediately formulated an improvement plan based on this situation. However, due to the tight construction period, the overall process of this batch of goods was completed in “rush for construction period”, and this “episode” suddenly appeared, which added tension and pressure for the tight construction. However, we still adhered to the belief of “no difference”, reprocessed and rectified this seamless steel pipe, and the production department worked overtime to correct the outer diameter and inner diameter, to ensure 100% of the goods meet the customer’s requirements, and finally the goods was shipped on schedule.

The above is just a small story about Xinyue’s “strict quality control”. In this aspect, Xinyue not only sets an example and strictly follows the standards, but also strictly controls, evaluates and selects raw material suppliers to ensure each batch of steel products leaving the factory are truly high-quality products. In the future, Xinyue will continue to “strictly control the quality and build a benchmark with quality” to enhance its competitiveness in the industry.

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