New orders from American customer were successfully completed

At the beginning of April 2019, we received a consultation on the welded pipe and fittings from customer in the United States. Although the international economic and political situation is changing, but the customer thinks Xinyue is a qualified supplier after analysis and research of our company, so the customer has established communication with us and hopes to start cooperation as soon as possible.

After we received the enquiry, we quoted the customer as soon as possible, providing production delivery plan, quality control process, logistics delivery plan, and delivery schedule. After that, the customer urgently wanted us to send samples. We selected a piece of welded pipe and flange to mail to the customer. After the customer passed the inspection, he placed the order to us immediately.

After receiving the order, we immediately arrange production for the customer and finally complete the production within the specified time. The customer requested third-party testing of the steel pipe. We invited SGS to test the Physical Properties, chemical composition and dimensions of the steel pipe. All goods were tested and qualified! Since the customer is in great need of the goods arrive at the port as soon as possible, we have already booked the fastest shipping schedule for our customers. We believe that the customer will receive the goods soon, and we are looking forward to the next cooperation.

No matter what kind of environment we are in, as long as customers need our support, we will always try our best to serve every customer!  Xinyue people sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!


Post time: Jun-17-2019