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Perfect Ending Of Vietnam Trip


On September 24, 2018, Xinyue Steel Marketing Department completed the marketing after-sale and customer visiting work in Vietnam after half month.

During this trip, the Marketing Department arrived at 5 project locations, conducted after-sales quality inspection on the steel pipe and other steel products which provided on the project site, and learn the steel function on the project site, so as to better serve customers and prevent any possible technical problems in the future.The after-sales service of tianjin xinyue will continue in future, we will provide support for all our Vietnam customers, so that our partners have no concerns in the project.

Anti-Corrosion Surface Treament

During the customer communication in Hanoi, the Marketing Department held two special seminars with customers.Mainly through the analysis of the local market, as well as the current government vigorously develop the type of projects, and customers have conducted in-depth discussions.The two sides not only Shared a lot of policy information on how to meet the demand of market volume and how to ensure quality higher than other suppliers, and how to make tianjin sinyue become a major supplier of government projects, but also confirmed the further direction and developing plan.

Anti-Corrosion Surface Treament

During this time market development work, with greatly supported from customers and relevant project engineers, we are not only get orders during the journey, but also customers recommended us to be included in the list of infrastructure suppliers of Vietnam aerospace project.In the future work, Tianjin Xinyue will continue to adhere to the mission of “TO PROMOTE STEEL INDUSTRY, TO REPRESENT MAKE IN CHINA”, do our greatest support for the city construction of Vietnam !

In the future, in the cooperation with southeast Asian customers, we will support our partners with the best service and the best quality. We hope that tianjin xinyue will become the best supplier for customers in southeast Asia !

Anti-Corrosion Surface Treament