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Xinyue Steel Will Visit Vietnam In September


Over the past decade,Tianjin Xinyue has maintained good cooperation with the southeast Asian market.In addition to Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam has always been our close partner also. we provide Vietnam business partners with high quality steel pipes and other steel products on monthly basis.The customers expressed great satisfaction with our products and services when they visited to China. After the company’s decision, we will visit the Vietnamese market again in September, visit our partners who are in cooperating one by one, also negotiate new projects with goverment department, and check the cargo status after arrival at relevant project sites.

The two cities plan to visit are ho chi minh city and Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam language: ph ố H ồ Chi Minh Than), in northeas of the Mekong deltat , with resistance to Saigon river , a tributary of the right , 800 km away from haikou.With an area of 2,094 square kilometers, the population was about 12 million in 2014.The ho chi minh city economy grew by 7.76 percent ,up from 7.47 percent over the same period in 2016.

In 2017, more than 18,000 enterprises were set up across the city, with a capital of us $227 trillion (s $10 billion), while existing enterprises also applied for additional capital, amounting to 26.5 billion rupiah (s $11.66 billion).The HCMC also provides licenses to 340 new foreign-invested projects, mainly in the manufacturing sector, to help the city attract new and additional FDI capital of $2.15 billion.This time, Tianjin Xinyue will be invited to discuss related projects with government departments.

The Visiting to Hanoi, mainly for the supplied material to several projects in 2018, we will do after-sales follow up. This time not only to collect customer feedbackof products and service, at the same time, after we see the transport of goods arriving at the project site, will verify again the products, check the situation of transportation and packaging to avoid after our customers receive the goods has any damage .We will try our best to provide the best service.

In view of our long-term cooperation with Vietnam companies, we have a plenty of projects operation experience for Vietnam market, we understand all the process of the business with Vietnam: in product quality control, import and export documents and formalities, and import and export tax rate . during this visiting, we will not only strengthen our cooperation with customers, at the same time, the cooperation of more new projects will rapidly expand, if you have any need our help to Vietnam market , please do not hesitate to contact us, believe that Xinyue Steel Group is always your best partner !

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