Xinyue invites you to meet TUBE&WIRE

Tube has more than 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, showcasing the complete process from tube manufacturing, tube processing, tube reprocessing to tube trading, including raw materials, tubes, accessories, tube manufacturing machinery, processing engineering tools and auxiliary materials, as well as demonstrating measurement and control technologies.

Xinyue continues to penetrate into the Central Asian market

Xinyue has always implemented the beautiful vision of "building the world and serving the world", and constantly explored the trade market on all continents. The customer of Xinyue for this cooperation comes from Tajikistan, one of the "five Central Asian countries". Central Asia has obvious geopolitical significance and is an important transportation hub. This cooperation is not only an important breakthrough for Xinyue in the Central Asian market but also a strong confirmation of its globalization strategy. The customer purchased those seamless steel pipes for inventory reserve use. After learning about the supply experience of Xinyue in Central Asia, they showed great interest in Xinyue. Xinyue team efforts to seize this opportunity, to show customers professional technical support, thoughtful service,and an accurate grasp of customer needs, won the customer's high recognition and immediately won the order. Xinyue team quickly arranged the supply, to ensure that the product arrived at the customer warehouse on time, and the customer also expressed their confidence in the future cooperation.

Live Order | Thin-walled steel pipes for drinking water delivery arrive

Xinyue since its inception, adhere to the service of every customer, and strive to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, so Xinyue old customers have continued to grow. The cooperative customer of this order is a well-known European steel trader who has six years of friendship with Xinyue, and purchases spiral steel pipes for the construction of drinking water transmission project in Dominica.

Placed 7 orders in a row! Capture new customers in the UAE with strength

The customer is a merchant specializing in scaffolding construction from the UAE, and has established a friendly relationship with Xinyue through the Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai. Through the conversation with Xinyue at the exhibition, the customer had a preliminary understanding of Xinyue's products, service and export experience, and immediately signed two orders and paid a deposit.

HD feedback|2600 tons natural gas pipeline transportation project

Project location:Vietnam; Product:SMLS Steel Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe; Standard and material: GB/T8163 20#,GB/T3091 Q235B; Specifications:SMLS:21.3-610mm SSAW:355.6-610mm; Application:Gas Transmission Pipeline

Customer imported Z-shaped steel sheet piles from China for the first time

The client of this project is a local real estate developer in the United States, who purchased a batch of construction materials as a barrier to block the house from the sea water.This is the first time that the customer imported steel from China , and was very cautious about the choice of suppliers. After receiving the inquiry, Xinyue provided multiple schemes to compare the cost and technology from the aspects of construction cost, construction convenience, aesthetics and environmental protection. The customer was moved by Xinyue's professionalism and sincerity, and finally chose the cold-formed Z-shaped steel sheet pile construction scheme.

Overview of Indonesian copper mine construction projects

Excellent service and quality are always the reasons why customers firmly choose Xinyue. In recent years, many well-known international companies have reached long-term cooperation with Xinyue. The customer introduced to you this time is a top processing manufacturer from Indonesia. It has placed more than ten orders with Xinyue. The steel purchased by the customer is used in his copper mine construction project. Terminal is Indonesia's second largest gold and copper mining company. The customer was very satisfied after receiving the first batch of products and immediately ordered the second batch. The two batches of products included ultra-thick steel plates, low-temperature steel pipes and welded steel pipes. Copper mine construction has high requirements for products and technology, which is also the reason why customers firmly choose Xinyue. Xinyue strictly controls quality during production and actively cooperates with third-party inspections. No matter whether the product is special or not, Xinyue will take it seriously and strive to achieve "Xinyue Selection"!

The market's scarce diameter bell mouth was successfully shipped to Dubai

The cooperation of this order is the UAE branch of a world-renowned trade contractor, and the opening of the cooperation benefits from the 12-year good cooperation foundation with the company's headquarters, America, Europe and other branches, so that customers have 100% unconditional trust in Xinyue. The purchase of products for different caliber flared products, in the early inquiry, the customer said that the local can not purchase the product, and product production for high technical requirements, so find Xinyue. Learned that the project needs to weld horn products in 50 days, Xinyue first time to the customer's detailed drawings, contact the mold factory to reopen the new mold, and finally all products in 35 days to efficiently complete production and delivery.