Ecuador Terminal Construction Project

Project location:Ecuador
Product:Spiral steel pipe
Standard and material:X65 SSAW STEEL PIPE
Application:Port construction
Inquiry time:2019.04.24
Order time:2022.08.23
Shipping time:2023.01.08
Arrival time:2023.03.25


This is a new port construction project in Ecuador. Project required pipes are ordered by PBO, an regular client of Xinyue. The client is an famous contractor in Ecuador, headquartered in France and has more than 80 branches stationed in over 50 countries. They have gained a certain reputation worldwide and become a designated contractor for many terminals. They have successfully completed multiple projects in the past few decades, mostly in coastal infrastructure construction. Xinyue was fortunate to have participated in multiple customer projects, with excellent service and high-quality products, which enabled Xinyue to successfully upgrade to the customer's supplier. This time, we were participating in the construction project of a new port in Ecuador, with a product of 1492 tons of spiral steel pipes. Xinyue delivered them as scheduled during the contract period. These pile pipes arrived at the project site in late March 2023 and were successfully put into use, making contributions to the development of the port industry in Ecuador.