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Seize New Opportunities And Explore New Fields

Xinyue has more than 20 years of professional steel pipe production experience. It is one of the enterprises that export lots of steel products in China, and can complete more than 500 projects every year. After years of operation, the company’s products have been distributed in more than 100 countries and regions such as Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America and Africa. In this process, the company has consolidated the existing market achievements, continuously expanded new development fields and presented a new situation of vigorous development.

On May 17, 2021, we received a steel pipe inquiry from a new customer, who is a famous local molded pulp packaging manufacturer in Greece. Since its establishment, Xinyue was the first time to contact with the customer in this industry. In order to avoid the lack of awareness of the industry, then leaded to the lack of comprehensive information, the sales engineer had a in-depth discussion and research with customers,deepened the understanding of this industry field, and fully mastered the customer’s product demand, specification, quantity and other product requirements. The requirement was Standard EN10305-2 cold drawn steel pipe with the specification of 14.5 * 2 * 2800mm, 2800 pieces total; At the same time, customers payed more attention to the deviation of product outer diameter, wall thickness and length, which were very important for their later installation; In addition, this was the first time for the customer to import steel pipes from China. As it was a packaging manufacturer, the customer’s biggest concern was the outer packaging of steel pipe shipment; With more than 20 years of production experience, Xinyue gave detailed and patient answers to various questions raised by customers, made them fully understood Xinyue in many aspects, dispelled various doubts during the initial contact, and customers recognized Xinyue’s rapid response and professional service.

With the continuous in-depth communication and understanding, Xinyue submitted a sincere quotation to the customer, and made a comprehensive display of the whole product production process and trade process to the customer, which increased the customer’s trust in Xinyue to a certain extent. The customer said that he was looking forward to cooperation with Xinyue. So far, after two weeks of negotiations, although several other domestic suppliers competed for the order, Xinyue still stood out and won the order, and successfully completed the assistance of Greek molded pulp packaging manufacturing industry for the first time.

At present, all the product has been completed and shipped smoothly on July 25! Xinyue will continue to pay attention to the after-sales of the order. In the future, Xinyue will continue to give full play to its advantages, grasp new opportunities, meet new requirements, explore new fields, constantly realize its own development and growth, and make continuous efforts to realize the vision of “build the world, serve the globe”!