ERW Steel Pipe


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ERW Steel Pipe

ERW is Electric Resistance Welded steel, refers to the manufacturing method whereby Round E.R.W Steel Tube, or Electric Resistance Welded Steel Pipe has its steel edges melted and welded to form a consistent cylindrical shape. Heat and pressure are combined to join the steel sheet to give you a very lightweight and easy to work with tubing for an array of engineering and construction requirements. It widely used in commercial settings for a vast array of possibilities include: <br/><br/> Bearing Piles,Driven Piles,Driven Piles,Combination Walls,Structural Sections,Threaded Micropile Casing,Sign Poles, Towers & Transmission Lines,Mining,Underground Garages, Bridge Abutments Levees, Storm Protection, Horizontal pipe, Geostructural Solutions, Solar Solutions.

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