Scaffolding System Ringlock-System


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Scaffolding System Ringlock-System

Different types of engineering construction choose different uses of scaffolding.<br/><br/> Most of the bridge support frames use bowl buckle scaffolding, and there are also portal scaffolding.<br/><br/> The main structure construction of the ground scaffold using fastener scaffold is mostly, the longitudinal distance of scaffolding pole is generally 1.2~1.8m;<br/><br/> The transverse distance is generally 0.9~1.5m.<br/><br/> In the construction process, the use of scaffolding is very flexible, according to the specific construction requirements, the composition of different frame size, shape and carrying capacity of single and double rows of scaffolding, support frame, support column, material lifting frame, climbing scaffold, suspension frame and other functional construction equipment. It can also be used to build facilities, sheds, lighthouses and other structures.<br/><br/> Especially suitable for the erection of curved scaffolding and heavy support frame.

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