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Take Advantage of Strength

It will take a long time to start cooperation with new customers. During the communication, we need show our project records, mill certificates and technical documents. After several times cooperation, we have a further understanding of each other, and our products, service and ability are recognized by our customers.

At the end of 2018, we received an inquiry from an Indian customer for seamless pipes. After half a year of negotiation, we got the first time cooperation with this customer. After the first and second batches of products successfully shipped out, our products and services were high appreciated by the customer and gained the full trust from our customers. At the beginning of this years, we got the third order for seamless pipes, including galvanized pipes. Although they were the same products with previous orders, we still pay highly attention to the quality control from production to inspection, and cooperated well with the inspection of the 3rd party. Due to products were used for projects, the delivery time was crucial. Xinyue took advantage of cooperation of each department and each process, including purchasing, producing, inspection and shipping. Overall, we provided a guarantee for the project.

During the communicating with customers, we truly think about what customers think and put the needs of customers first. All the things we do is ensure that customers will always remember Xinyue and cooperate again when they have needs in the future.