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The 101st Cooperation

Looking back on the development process of Xinyue, there are sweat, anxiety and moving, but more feeling is the achievement of being trusted. In July, Xinyue once again signed a fastener contract with Russian regular customers. In the early stage, the contract specified the payment method and payment proportion (30% down payment, 70% payment before delivery). Based on the trust of long-term friendly cooperation between two sides, the final customer chose to pay in full before the production of goods. At the moment of receiving the customer’s bank receipt, the customer’s trust was encouragement, recognition and pride for Xinyue.

Russian fastener customers have cooperated with Xinyue for five years. Over the past five years, Xinyue delivered hundreds of batches of products to customers and we never received any queries from customers about product quality and service. That’s the reason why customers always firmly chooses Xinyue in China, which known as the “world’s largest factory”.

The product specification is mainly forged scaffold rotation and right angle fastener, the size is 48mmx60mm. This specification is not a long-term cooperation specification between customers and Xinyue. Without any hesitation in price, the customer directly informed Xinyue to draft the contract, because the customer knew that Xinyue always gave the best price to support; We didn’t have any doubts about the delivery date, because the customer has already recognized Xinyue’s production and supply capacity through countless cooperation.

Long-term cooperation requires mutual trust and mutual support. Xinyue not only gains the trust of customers, but also provides full supports when customers need. Several times, when customers encounter financial difficulties, Xinyue helps them with the lowest fixed amount; Xinyue helped the customer to store the products for free for several months, due to the final payment problem; Xinyue gave strong technology and samples support when the customer needed to break through the local market and gained new customers.

Five years is just a short time axis. I believe that in the future, Xinyue’s services and products can make this time axis extend indefinitely……