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Trust and Service Build A Bridge of Cooperation

The products required in this order were stainless steel rectangular tubes, which were ordered by regular customers in Thailand for deep-processing structural engineering. Customers purchase stainless steel rectangular tubes from Xinyue every year for similar projects. Our company received the customer inquiry in August, then Xinyue made a detailed quotation, covering the cutting scheme and transportation scheme, in combination with the inventory at first time. Compared with the previous purchase price, the customer said that the quotation had increased and asked about the reasons, Xinyue explained to the customer. One reason was the tax rebate, another reason was the sharp rise in the price of raw materials caused by the epidemic. At same time, Xinyue made an in-depth analysis on the trend of steel price in the future. After listening to our suggestions, the customer understood and decided to increase the purchase quantity to avoid another rise in price in the future. The long-term cooperation has built a bridge of trust. The customer confirmed the purchase intention in the shortest time and immediately prepaid the deposit. Our company also entered the preparation period quickly.

Xinyue’s existing inventory of stainless steel square rectangular tubes was sufficient to meet the needs of this order. It only needs to cut into the length and size required by customers. Considering the recent shortage of shipping, the logistics department booked the earliest shipping space to save customers time. Xinyue worked overtime to complete the cutting step, submitted the inspection report to the customer at first time, and quickly sent products to Tianjin port after confirmation. Based on the successful experience of previous orders, the cooperation with this customer was particularly smooth, and all steps were seamlessly connected. From order placement to product delivery, Xinyue completed all operations of the order in less than 10 days. The products arrived in Thailand in mid October and had put into project construction.

As a well-known steel pipe supplier in China, Xinyue steel group takes “to promote steel industry, to represent made in China” as its mission, adheres to the values of “integrity with love, cooperation with dedication, innovation with aspiration”, continues to explore and develop, and makes continuous efforts to realize the vision of “build the world, serve the globe”.