• Square Tube from Xinyue Contributes to Bridge Construction in Greece
    Post time: Jun-07-2021

    Developing steel pipe industry deeply, Xinyue has always been committed to build the world, serve the globe. On April, we received an inquiry about square tube from Greece. The customer signed the contract after one week of negotiation. The source of this customer is recommended by one of our reg...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • Pursue Excellence and Success Will Follow
    Post time: Jun-02-2021

    During more than 20 years of experience in the steel industry, Xinyue has always followed the production standards strictly and provided meticulous service. On this basis, we continue to meet new customers and develop long-term friendly cooperative relations. This order is our regular customers f...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • Contribute to Project in West Asia
    Post time: Jun-01-2021

    It only took 5 days from receiving an inquiry, which was about more than 300 tons of seamless steel pipes for a government project in West Asia, to confirm the cooperation and sign the contract. It once again set a new record of the shortest transaction of orders in Xinyue Steel. This was not onl...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • Steel Plate Transportation for Qatar Construction Project.
    Post time: May-27-2021

    Xinyue has became an enterprise, which combines steel products production, processing and storage, based on many years of development and cooperation with customers. Xinyue will store products reasonably based on our experience under different market. At the beginning of January, our company rece...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • fulfill your promise.
    Post time: May-21-2021

    Confucius warned us that a man should be consistent with his words, do what he said. The person lacks of credit and high-quality performance, if he is all mouth and no trousers. The same thing for an enterprise, once you make a promise, you should fulfill. The trust between customer and us is not...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • Responsibility to move forward.
    Post time: May-19-2021

    Four years ago, we successfully cooperated with a large contractor customer in the United States. The structural round pipe provided by Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group was used without any problem during four years, so we got positive feedback from customers. During this period, we had maintained good...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • Steel Sheet Piles Are Shipped To Australia Successfully
    Post time: May-18-2021

    Tianjin Xinyue has won the trust of customers with its rich export experience. In recent years, Xinyue not only has a pivotal position in international steel pipe projects, but also has been unanimously recognized by new and regular customers depend on its advantages on the price and fast deliver...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • New Method and New Customer Under The Covid-19
    Post time: May-14-2021

    The epidemic influences the whole world, but China’s economics develop rapidly and smoothly under the effort of government and all the people. For a international trade enterprise, customers’ mill visiting are stopped by epidemic, our marketing visiting are suspended as well. All the people in Xi...Funda ngaphezulu »

  • Nurture new members,Love a good job.
    Post time: Apr-14-2021

    On February 2nd, 2021, the planing of the new member who scheduled for two months is officially starting. Xinyue gets the certification of birth for the new member in 30th of March. Until now, Xinyue has a one more new and good quality member and enters our product system-Steel wire rod. Steel wi...Funda ngaphezulu »