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Xinyue steel sheet piles set foot on the land of Australia and New Zealand

Xinyue’s foreign trade journey has traveled to more than 100 countries in the world,the annual sales are increasing year by year.

The company’s growth and development are inseparable from excellent foreign trade salesmen. Only their hard work can build Xinyue,can leap to today’s glory.

The two orders introduced today are steel sheet piles, they all come from the order sharing of Anna, Tianjin Branch. As the sales manager of the Tianjin business department,

Anna has always been strict with herself, set a good example, and takes every order seriously. She always answers every question circumspection for team members;

She can always complete the tasks assigned by the company leaders; success is the sum of all efforts. Every perseverance will be rewarded,

The excellent Anna has won the sales champion of Tianjin Branch for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021.

Recalling that Anna joined Xinyue after graduating from university, she has faded her childishness and become more and more mature. Now she is so firm in her eyes!

We hope everyone can be the best in Xinyue!

First order sharing

Project location:New Zealand


Standard and material:

JIS 15528 SY390

EN 10248 S355GP





Usage:For stock

Inquiry time:2022.03.10

Order time:2022.03.14

Shipping time:2022.04.17

Estimated arrival time:2022.05.10

Second order sharing

Project location:Australia


Standard and material:JIS 15528 SY390




Usage:For stock

Inquiry time:2022.02.21

Order time:2022.03.24

Shipping time:2022.04.24

Estimated arrival time:2022.05.18