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Xinyue Uses Air Transportation To Solve The Urgent Needs Of Customers

Xinyue Steel Group has been deeply engaged in the steel industry for decades and has rich experience in project supply. Therefore, it is very important to understanding the urgency of project construction and the timeliness of goods arrival. In order to meet the urgent needs of some projects, Xinyue has a set of perfect air transportation service system, which can meet the needs of customers for rapid shipment and arrival.

Project location:Africa

Product:Stainless steel pipe

Standard and material:

ASTM A312 316L


273×9.27 MM

Application:Water conveyance project

Inquiry time:2022.04.01

Order time:2022.04.07

Shipping time:2022.04.14

Arrival time:2022.04.21

At the beginning of April 2022, Xinyue received an urgent order from an African customer. The goods needed to be arrived at the destination within 25 days. After comprehensive consideration, Xinyue recommended the way of air transportation to the customer and quickly locked the nearest flight.

Because air transportation has very strict requirements on the length of goods and the size of packaging, first of all, the length of goods can not  exceed 3M, and the packaging shall be made of solid wood boxes. The size of solid wood boxes shall be accurately made in combination with the length of goods and the size of engine room. It should not have any careless, otherwise it will affect the delivery. With the full cooperation of the logistics department and the production department, Xinyue successfully completed the production, wooden case customization, packaging and delivery within 7 days, and finally delivered all goods to customers within 20 days.