Microsoft Data Center Project

Project name: Microsoft Data Center Project
Project Location: Indonesia
Products: H Beams,Square and Rectangular tubes
Standard and material:
JIS G3192 SS400 & ASTM A500 GR.B



H 150x150x7x10
H 200x100x5.5x8
H 250x125x6x9
H 200x200x8x12
H 250x250x9x14
H 300x150x6.5x9
H 400x200x8x13
H 500x200x10x16
H 600x200x11x17
H 800x300x14x26
SQB 100x100x6   12.0 R
SQB 80x80x4.5
SQB 100x100x10
SQB 200x100x6.3
SQB 180x180x8
SQB 180x180x6.3
SQB 150x80x5



Application:Microsoft Data Center Construction


This order is for a construction project of Microsoft Data Center Building in Jakarta, Indonesia. The contractor of this project is a well-known EPC company in Indonesia. The project took six months from negotiation to procurement contract confirmation. The customer purchased from China for the first time. The final negotiation stage of the contract coincides with the price of Eid al-Fitr in Indonesia and the long holiday of Labour Day in China. In order to ensure the timely delivery of goods. During the holiday, each team of Xinyue adhered to the front line and worked overtime to ensure the timely shipment of products. The entire batch of goods amounted to 2260 tons, and when they all arrived at the customer's side, all the goods were tested one by one. Finally, 100% passed the physical and chemical tests, and Xinyue received unanimous praise from both the customer and the terminal, contributing to the infrastructure construction of Indonesia.