Uganda Ndugudu Water Power Plant Construction

Ndugudu water power plant in Uganda
Project name: Ndugudu water power plant construction
Construction time: year 2018-2019
Project site: Nudgudu, Kampala, Uganda


Our customer is from South Africa which is a powerful contractor has over 50 years history. Because the local construction conditions are difficult and crude, and the storage site is limited, so contractor has to purchase steel pipes and fitting from us partially by ndugudu order 1/order 2/order 3, total about 1,000 tons of steel pipes, fittings about 20x40ft containers, and then each order was about 3-4 requirements to reduce their storage pressure. What the customer purchased are SSAW steel pipes and the special fittings made according to customer's drawings. All the steel pipes and fittings need to be coated inside and outside. The inner coating is epoxy paint, and the outside coating is 3PE. Customers have very high quality requirements. During the production process, supervisors are assigned to supervise the whole process of production, transportation and shipment. At the end of March this year, all steel pipes and fittings have been handed in. We have received good feedback in their use.