Alotau Provincial Wharf Piling Project

Project name: Alotau Provincial Wharf Piling Project
2022 Papua AS1163 / AS3678 GR350 LSAW STEEL PIPE 686TONS 
Colsed Year: 2022 
Pipe Spec: 711*16*8000~11250mm 
Standard&Grade: AS1163 / AS3678 GR350 

This project is a wharf piling project in Papua New Guinea, with two specifications, totally 686 tons. 


The project was tendered in September 2021. The original plan was a full-length pile pipe with a length of 34 meters to 52 meters, and there is anti-corrosion. Since the shipping schedule of the bulk ship is not fixed, after many discussions with the customer and providing different solutions, the customer finally chose a length of less than 12 meters, butt welding and anti-corrosion in the factory in Australia, and then transported to Papua New Zealand by barge Construction site in Guinea, under construction. And purchase in January 2022. 


During the entire order execution process, TUV three parties inspected the raw materials, production process, finished products and the whole process of packing, and witnessed the relevant experimental process. All test results are 100% passed and will be shipped to Australia in batches in May 2022.