Honduras Terminal Construction Project

Project location:Puerto Cortes,Honduras 
Standard and material:ASTM A252 Gr3
Specifications:914MMX 19MM X40M
Application:Terminal construction
Inquiry time:2019.02.02
Order time:2019.04.24
Shipping time:2019.07.02
Arrival time:2019.09.05


This project is the construction project of Puerto Cortes Terminal in Honduras. The client is a renowned contractor in Honduras with over 50 years of EPC experience, mainly undertaking large-scale local infrastructure projects. Xinyue was fortunate to receive a project inquiry from this client in early 2019. After in-depth negotiations and communication, both parties signed an intended contract and initiated the first round of cooperation. The project product is 1783 tons of Hempel coated pile pipes, with a steel grade of ASTM A252 Gr3. The entire batch of goods will be used for a new bulk loading and unloading terminal on the Caribbean coast, approximately 80 kilometers away from San Pedro Sula. Under the supervision of customer engineers and third-party inspector, Xinyue successfully completed the entire pile pipe production and put it into construction and used in September 2019, making contributions to the infrastructure construction in Honduras.