Saudi Arabia Telecom Tower Construction Project

Saudi Arabia Telecom Tower Construction Project
Project location:Saudi Arabia
Standard and material:EN10219 S355JR
Application:Telecommunnication Tower Construction 
Supply time:2020


This project is from a powerful Saudi client who has been cooperating with Xinyue for 10 years and has undertaken the construction of a power communication tower project. The company is a large-scale listed power and telecom company that has not only done galvanized power communication tower and photovoltaic power station projects in Saudi Arabia, but also in Egypt, Africa, and the worldwide. The galvanized power tower in this cooperation is a local project in Saudi Arabia, with a construction duration of three years, The entire project product is shipped in six batches, The total order amount is 3200 tons; Regardless of the size of the order, Xinyue will go all out and deliver every order seriously. Currently, all products in this order have been put into construction and have made contributions to the infrastructure construction in Saudi Arabia.