Singapore Metro Project

Singapore Metro Project
Project location:Singapore
Product: SSAW steel pipe welded with T + L clutch
Standard and material:EN10219 S355JR
Specifications:1800mm x 15meter/18meter
Application:Metro piling construction
Project quantity: 3600tons
Inquiry time:2021.06
Order time:2022.07
Shipping time:2022.10


The Singapore Metro project is a joint venture between Shanghai Tunnel Works and local contractors in Singapore. The product required for this project is EN10219 S355J0H spiral submerged arc welded pipe, with a diameter of 1800mm. Steel pipes need to be connected with T-shaped and L-shaped lock buckles, with a unit length of 12-18 meters. The T-shaped lock is welded from two narrow steel plates, while the L-shaped lock is positioned and welded from two angle steels according to the drawings. The positioning of the lock buckle requires dividing the circumference of the outer diameter of the steel pipe by 2 and combining it with the vertical centerline to determine the position of the clutches on both sides. In addition, it is necessary to recheck the half arc distance and horizontal line between the two pipe ends to ensure that the locking buckles on both sides are on the same horizontal line. This is a highly technical challenge, but Xinyue has a professional welding and technical team. Based on the client's design, we optimized the welding plan and successfully executed it, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project, making contributions to the social development and people's happiness in Singapore.