Seamless Steel Pipe Carbon Seamless Pipe


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Seamless Steel Pipe Carbon Seamless Pipe

SMLS pipe refers to seamless steel pipe, which is made of a whole piece of metal and has no joints on the surface. According to the production method, seamless pipe is divided into hot rolled pipe, cold rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe, extrusion pipe, pipe jacking and so on.<br/><br/> According to different uses, there are thick wall seamless steel pipes and thin wall seamless steel pipes.<br/><br/> Seamless steel pipe is mainly used for petroleum geological drilling pipe, petrochemical cracking pipe, boiler furnace pipe, bearing pipe and high-precision structural steel pipe for automobiles, tractors and aviation.<br/><br/> It is divided into two categories: general purpose (for water and gas pipelines and structural parts, mechanical parts) and special purpose (for boilers, geological exploration, bearings, acid resistance, etc.)

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