Philippines Third Bridge Project in CEBU

Project name: Philippines Third Bridge Project in CEBU
Project location: Philippines
Standard and material: ASTM A709 Grade 36/ A252 Grade 2
Specifications: 1894 MM X 12MM, 2102 X 16,2602 X 16, LENGTH UP TO 15M
Application: Bridge Construction
Supply time: 2018.05 -2020.03
First Batch Pipe Supply: Total 1485 tons
Second Batch Pipe Supply: Total 3078 tons


The project is the Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Cross Sea Bridge, with an investment of 30 billion pesos. Construction began in 2018, with a total length of 8.9 kilometers and two lanes in both directions, which can accommodate 50000 cars per day. It connects the city of Cebu to Maidan International Airport, as well as vacation destinations along the way, easing the original congestion and promoting local economic growth and social development.


From 2018 to 2020, Xinyue continued to provide pile pipe supply services for the Cebu Cordova Link Express project. Pile pipes are a key component of the project, used to support and reinforce the foundation structure of the cross sea bridge. Xinyue has provided various specifications and sizes of pile pipes for the project, totaling 4563 tons. All products have passed 100% third-party testing, ensuring the stability and safety of the project's infrastructure.


Whether in terms of scale or importance, this project has set a new milestone for infrastructure construction in the Philippines. Xinyue is very proud to participate in it and take a new step on the path of "building the world to serve the world".