UAE Civil Drinking Water Project

Project location:UAE
Standard and material:API 5L PSL 1 GR B
Application:Drinking water transmission 
Supply time:2020


The customer of this order is a potential local project contractor in Dubai. The products ordered this time are pipelines which are used for drinking water transportation. As it is a government project that involves people's livelihood, the quality requirements for the products are extremely strict. The total quantity is 2530 tons, and all steel pipes are required inside by high quality solvent free epoxy painting while outside with 3LPE anti-corrosion coating. Xinyue proactively submitted a WRAS non-toxic certificate of the painting material to the customer, demonstrating Xinyue's professionalism and enhancing the customer's trust in Xinyue. After nearly three months, Xinyue successfully completed all production tasks and passed inner inspection and professional third-party testing. The entire batch of goods were put into construction and used in March 2020, making contributions to Dubai's social development and people's happy life.