Dredging and Sand Pumping Project

Project location:EGYPT
Standard and material:Q235B
Specifications:570*10*11800mm 400pieces
Application:Dredging and sand pumping
Inquiry time:2019.07
Order time:2019.09
Shipping time:2019.11
Arrival time:2020.03


This project is a dredging and sand pumping project on the local coast of Egypt. Because it is the first time to contact with this customer, the Xinyue team provided relevant project cases, quality control documents and relevant qualification certificates to the customer at the first time after receiving the inquiry, and showed the professionalism of Xinyue to the customer. And within the next two months, we regularly followed up and updated the prices of relevant products, and responded to the customer's questions, we answered carefully and patiently, so that they fully know about Xinyue from multiple aspects. All kinds of doubts during the initial contact were dispelled, and the customer affirmed Xinyue's quick response and professional services, and finally the two parties successfully signed the contract.