Bridge Construction Project

Project location:EGYPT
Standard and material:EN 10210-2 S355
Application:Bridge construction
Inquiry time:2020.10
Order time:2020.11
Shipping time:2021.01/2021.02
Arrival time:2021.04


The purchaser of the project is local trader and stockist in Egypt, mainly serving local contractors. The end customer of the project is a well-known construction contractor in Egypt, which was established in 1985 and undertook the bridge construction this time. The products under this contract are 193.7MM to 406.4MM welded steel pipes, with quantity about 1043 tons. The purchaser assigned a third party company to supervise the whole process, and Xinyue actively cooperated with various work. Finally, all the test data met the contract requirements. The whole order was shipped in two batches, and set sail for Egypt in January and February 2021.