Spain Square Pipe Construction Project

Spain Square Pipe project introduction
Project name: Spain Square Pipe Construction Project
Project time: 2019
Project site: Spain

Project Overview:
This pipes are used by themselves. After buying the bare pipe, it needs to be hot-dip galvanized, cut, welded, and used in the desert for structural purposes. The entire project is only one size, square tube, S355JR 110X110X3mm, 8.9 meters, 5680 tons, and it plans to purchase in 4 batches. It is the first batch. All pipe need to be shipped in 6 batches. The raw materials are relatively  special, and the wall thickness is very light.

The customer has highly requirements for straight angle and end cutting edge. The raw material arriving time is not easy to control, but at the end, we have delivered as agreed with the customer. Before each batch of goods leaves the warehouse, the customer arranges the largest Spanish testing company APPLUS to take samples to make chemical components and machinery. At the same time, Applus make inspeciton for the performance test, the appearance, size, quantity, marking, MTC and other inspection documents. The customer received the APPLUS report ,which all pipes were qualified, and then arranged to pay the balance payment, Clients designated freight forwarding and appoint warehouse delivery.