Peru Paita Dock Construction Project

Project location:Peru
Standard and material:API 5L PSL2 X52M
Specifications:40”,length up to 32m 
Application:Terminal construction
Inquiry time:2020.12.04
Order time:2021.08.02
Shipping time:2021.10.25
Arrival time:2021.11.25


This project was ordered by the regular client of Xinyue, ArcelorMittal Group, for the construction of a port in Peru. ArcelorMittal Group holds a leading position in the global steel industry, involving multiple industries such as automobiles, construction, household appliances, packaging, etc. It has world leading research and development capabilities and technology, as well as a rich supply of raw materials and a strong distribution network. It has branches in 27 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. This project ordered a total of 2440 tons of spiral tubes, with high standards and short delivery times. Xinyue's warehousing and strong production capacity have played a fundamental role. Xinyue delivered all products as scheduled and passed self inspection and professional third-party testing. It was put into construction and use in 2022, making contributions to Peru's infrastructure construction.