Chilean Mining Company Project - Water Transmission

Project location:Chile
Standard and material:API 5L PSL 1 GR B/ ASTM A53 GR B
Specifications:711.2*9.53*12000mm / 406.4*7.92*12000mm 
Application:Drinking water transmission for mines
Inquiry time:2020.06.30
Order time:2021.03.17
Shipping time:2021.09.10
Arrival time:2021.10.18


The project is to supply drinking water to the mine. The cooperative terminal is CODELCO Chilean National Copper Corporation, which established on April 1, 1976. It is one of the largest copper production enterprises in the world, operating seven mines and a smelter, with the strength of copper mining, refining, processing, and sales. The product required for this order is ERW/LSAW welded pipes. The drinking water project involves livelihood projects. To ensure the safety of drinking water, the pipe fittings must meet the food grade. Therefore, the order requirements are extremely strict. The anti-corrosion requirement is 3LPE for the external protection, and the internal protection must meet the FBE drinking water grade. From production to anti-corrosion in every aspect, Xinyue strictly controls quality and actively cooperates with the third party stationed in the factory to ensure the smooth operation of the entire order. It was finally put into construction and used in October 2021, making contributions to the development of Chilean people's livelihood.