Vietnam Maoxi Coal Mine Project

Project location: Vietnam
Product: Steel Structure
Standard and material:Gost Standard and EN10025 S355JR
IPE330, IPE360, SHS200*200, SMLS 377mm,Coal Guide, Platform, Cable Bracket 
Application: Coal Mining
Supply time: 2018-2019


The Vietnam Maoxi Coal Mine Project was designed by a Russian design institute 20 years ago, but due to various political and economic reasons, the project was not restarted until 2017. The coal mine is divided into one main shaft and two auxiliary shafts. The project requires extremely high welding accuracy, and the deviation requirement is the highest level. The cable rack part has not been produced domestically or internationally and requires trial processing according to the drawings. In the early stage, Xinyue's technical department collaborated with the procurement department to repeatedly compare the raw materials of Russian, European, and other international standards. As the European standard materials were more suitable for the project, we recommended them to the customer. Both parties successfully reached a consensus and quickly signed the order. The total order amount is 1600 tons, which have been put into construction and have made contributions to the development of Vietnam's coal mining industry.