OCP Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline Project

Project location:Ecuador 
Standard and material:API 5L X70M
Application:Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline Construction
Inquiry time:2020.05.12
Order time:2021.03.25
Shipping time:2021.08.16
Arrival time:2021.10.11


This project is a heavy crude oil pipeline project, ordered by a regular client of Xinyue, Ecuador Petroleum Company OCP, and ultimately used for crude oil transportation. OCP Ecuador S.A. has built the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, the most important project developed in Ecuador since the 1970s. The project encompassed the management, engineering, procurement and construction needed to install a new heavy crude oil pipeline system, with the goal of increasing Ecuador's export capacity.

The consortium of OCP (Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados) contains six of the world's largest oil companies, and its initial stages, one of the world's most prestigious international construction companies. OCP Ecuador S.A.'s goal was to build oil pipeline and transport crude oil from Nueva Loja and Baeza to the OCP Marine Terminal in Esmeraldas.It is engaged in the exploration, production, storage, refining, and retail of crude oil products. The purchased product is straight seam submerged arc welded pipe, with a total order quantity of 1495 tons. The customer has strict requirements for product quality. With Xinyue’s strong capabilities, Xinyue ultimately passed 100% of all testing results through third-party testing. The entire batch of goods embarked on the voyage to Ecuador in August 2021, making contributions to the oil industry in Ecuador.